From Deep Earth to Surface processes: integrating lithosphere dynamics with rift basins and margins

A joint meeting of the TOPO-EUROPE Programme and ILP Task Forces Sedimentary Basins (VI), Subducted Lithosphere (IV), Magma and lithosphere (II)

 2-6 October 2016

Clermont-Ferrand, France


2016 Meeting objectives

 This meeting brings together investigators studying different interconnected solid Earth processes in a number of world class natural laboratories. One of these is the Western European Rift System, the site of the meeting. The meeting focuses on an integration of modeling and observational approaches, linking the different spatial and temporal scales.

Central to the meeting is the examination of the role of magmatism and the dynamics of sedimentary basins, as an integral part of the processes that drives the evolution of the Earth topographic surface.

This topic is not only a frontier in integrated Solid Earth sciences, but also of great societal importance, in particular for natural hazards and sustainable geological resources.


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